September 26, 2019

wherever you are

falling tenderly

as a good night from a distance

falls on an ear pressed up to a receiver

see you both soon.

September 17, 2019

explain again

how the classical music

makes you think of me

and there's nothing somebody wouldn't do

for my smile

that forever seems

like the perfect amount of time

tell me once more

that I'm so real,

so out of this world

and a dream told you

to gr...

September 13, 2019


seeing the smile,

dazzles up my day.

The hands' touch,

disperse goosebumps.

The breathy laughter,

dissipates my past.

That's why

I won't ask the difficult questions,

I'll let my curiosity starve.

For its hunger will protect it

from poison


August 31, 2019

you tried to pick up the pieces

glue them together

but didn't your teacher explain?

you'll need tape for that.

written on three pages

the love lost from our time

the effort found

too late

the necklace you wanted

all in the post

heading my way

but I...

July 23, 2019

What does it mean

when every time I see the glow of happiness,

I grow a sense of dread instead.

They say light cannot exist without shadows.

So what then is the answer?

Remain in the dark,

learning, understanding, and memorizing familiar surro...

June 15, 2019

Once a year we allow ourselves

to fall back.

Back to an easier time,

of innocent emotions,

and safety nets.

Laying down.  Chin to chest.

We reminisce.

Only to depart, once again,

back to the real world.

Only to see you again.


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