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the way of kings

Brandon Sanderson

“To lack feeling is to be dead, but to act on every feeling is to be a child.” Another winner by Sanderson. One that has been recommended to me for years but I hadn't been able to truly get into. I'm glad I did. A fantasy novel that dives into a world of slavery, war, friendship, apprenticeship, and history. He builds a world with an intricate thread (not unlike Rothfuss in Name of the Wind), enough for the reader to be fully immersed and cloaked. The story follows multiple lines of characters as they all face the same problem -- the end of the world. This is book one of three, and the second book is just as enrapturing. Unfortunately I've found the third to be a bit too dry for me, and have yet to finish the arc. Maybe one day... But I do not regret reading the first too, and I would urge you to try them too.

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