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"What about white?" | said the man | as the umbrella flew away

As the umbrella flew away I felt my heart jump into my throat. "No... Nononono!" But it was too late. The umbrella was now part of the sky, a stark contrast against the grey clouds that were mischievously pouring water over my head. I ran to the bus stand and squatted underneath the tin roof. I thought I loved hearing the sound of rain clickety-clacking on metal, but in that moment, I seriously reconsidered that thought. My head was between my legs when I heard his voice first. "Do you like purple?" I looked up, but there was no one there. "What about white?" I turned my face towards the sound and saw a little elf-looking creature sitting right next to me. "Purple or white? I need to know now, if you want my help." said the man. The shock wore off quickly after he spoke again and I screamed bloody murder and began to run away. I caught my breath under a large oak tree a few minutes later, but then I heard the voice again, this time coming from above me. "What about orange then...? I have an orange one too." I looked up and saw the little elf-man sitting in the tree. He was holding an orange umbrella. Laughably large for himself, but perfect for a girl my size. I wiped the rain off of my face and gave him a shaky smile. "I love orange."

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