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"I must be dreaming" | said the explorer | as the storm moved closer

"I must be dreaming," said the explorer as the storm moved closer. She lifted her heavy eyelids against the heavy drops of rain and tried to see beyond the canyon. Her heart picked up it’s pace as she realized that she was not, in fact, dreaming. The grey clouds were moving quickly towards her, dragging the pungent smell of wet earth along with it. She rubbed her sore ankle as she began to collect her thoughts. She looked around her make-shift camp and her eyes rested on her son. Fast asleep, his chest was moving up and down like the soft waves in the deep ocean. She didn't want to wake him, but also knew that her ankle could not carry even his tiny 4-year-old body. Her thoughts were interrupted by the first clap of thunder, louder than the distance should suggest. With a deep breath she shook off the rain from her sharply cut hair and reached over to the boy. "Wake up sweetheart, it's time again."

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