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my sadness likes your sadness

the sadness in me likes the sadness in you

sitting with all my favorite people

in the world





eyes glancing, nods here, smiles there.

yet a stranger

more of a friend, than I am

in this new situation.

the sadness in me doesn't understand the happiness in you.

the happiness in me can't be recognized

my colors are changing


before I know it

it's new

I'm not who I used to know.

I don't remember the color that used to be mine.

I have to go.

bummed faces

lights still shining bright

hand in hand they walk away

out of sight.

chest releases, palms dry up

but the release takes

something from me

out of stomach or heart?

back to being


the stranger makes promises

that my sadness denies

the stranger moves on

as my smile cries

drive away and wonder

why I left

the sadness in me waved goodbye to the happiness in you

the happiness in you, confused but thrilled

arms waving strong.

while my back is turned.

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