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the parade

She eagerly joined him on the railings of the stairs, just to get a better glance. For the first time in as long as she could remember, she only had one thing going on in her head. The parade.

She didn't worry about the time.

She didn't worry about work.

She didn't think about her body.

She didn't focus on her position.

Just the parade.

The anticipation was overwhelming but not grappling. She felt as though it was a blanket, warming her up after she had been out in a cold winter's storm. The music began, and she fell. Images rushed passed her as she fell faster and faster back through time. Other times she had been at this parade. Other times she had felt this exact feeling. Whirring past her like a mirage that can be felt, but not touched.

Now a child again, she let the music envelop her as the parade marched out. Hopping on her feet, she felt her blood simmering with joy. Pure unadulterated joy. Letting loose she waved at the dancers, hoping they would catch on to her energy. The parade moved on as a jumble of color, music, and joy. It ended too soon, but the feeling lingered. She savored it as a child savors a donut. Licking her lips as she walked away, she hummed softly to herself.

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