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"what are you doing tonight?"

He called her as he drove away. No, he thought, I'll text her. "What are you doing tonight?" After weeks of silence, he reached back out towards her nonchalantly as a cat walking on the edge of a tall building. He knew she'd be waiting. But he didn't care. He needed her, and that's all that mattered to him. Selfish? Perhaps.

What was it about her that kept drawing him back to her? A strange energy, completely divergent from his, but strangely alluring. The pull only strong after long absences, quickly snipped within hours of hanging out. His easily irritable disposition was an asset to no one. Still, as he expected, she responded quickly. She spread out a myriad of options for the night, easily sliding into her position as usual.

He felt a pang of regret.

Which dissipated quickly.

"See you then."

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