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She gingerly stepped around it, feeling the tender and cool mud simmer between her toes. The earth connected through her body, making her whole again. The water gently lapped over her skin as she glided forward.

She dove without an ounce of exertion.

She couldn't sense if she was falling.

She didn't care.

Finally, she cut through the water, splitting it by its seams, opening up the pond while leaving the frayed waves behind her. One abrasive stroke and she rolled through the molecules, each one wrapping around her body as if being called to it. The droplets pulled away her pain, one swell at a time, dragging across her body like like a child being dragged from her mother.

Her body grew lighter as she skimmed upon the surface, the moon illuminating her diaphanous skin.

She felt the breeze tickle her nose as she inhaled deeply, breathing life back into her soul.

Days pass.

Reluctantly she emerged.

She slowly gathered the tendrils of her charcoal black hair and twisted it with all her might.

The water poured out as if he would do anything to get back home to his pond.


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