September 5, 2017

She stared at him openly as he slept.  His chest rose and sunk slowly in a confident rhythm to match his personality.  She felt his leg on top of hers and slowly snuck out from beneath him.  She gingerly pulled the light blanket over her...

August 6, 2017

As the umbrella flew away I felt my heart jump into my throat.  "No... Nononono!"  But it was too late.  The umbrella was now part of the sky, a stark contrast against the grey clouds that were mischievously pouring water over my head....

July 28, 2017

"I must be dreaming," said the explorer as the storm moved closer.  She lifted her heavy eyelids against the heavy drops of rain and tried to see beyond the canyon.  Her heart picked up it’s pace as she realized that she was not, in fact...

July 2, 2017


I watched over you as you fell asleep. You look beautiful.

I want you to sleep well tonight and have a great day tomorrow.

A song told me to “tell an Angel in the morning you love her”

So Good Morning. I love you.


June 17, 2017

the purple diamonds

softly whisper their secrets

scatter as I near

(Inspired by the frost on my airplane window.)

June 14, 2017

Welcome to my life.  I appreciate the time you've taken out of your day to read my story.  I can only hope that my story will connect with you in ways that I can't even begin to imagine.  Tidbits and secrets from my life will be revealed...

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